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Perinatal Education

The interactions an individual has during their pregnancy and birthing journey shapes how a child and parent develop postpartum. Birthing individuals are vulnerable during these times and are susceptible to influence due to a lack of education regarding their rights. With the highest mother and infant mortality rates of any developed nation statistics show that little consideration is given to the perinatal period in the United States.

Lactation Services

Any amount of breast milk given to a child has incomparable health benefits and helps develop emotional intelligence. In the United States Black women have the lowest rate of participation in lactation postpartum. A lack of education, positive imagery coupled with generation trauma and implicit bias has developed an aversion that is now being addressed in the Black community.

Family Building 

A positive and constructive home dynamic is crucial to shaping confident and productive children. Effective communication reduces behavioral issues, promotes problem solving and develops non verbal communication. Addressing issues and dissatisfaction in a healthy manner teaches our children forgiveness and the power of discipline and accountability.


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