Cultural Competency

The ongoing process of identifying and dismantling systemic racism

Wolly Mammoth Racism

The United States rose to power by refining imperialism and birthing true capitalism, the resentful son eclipsed the father. Monies generated from the trade of enslaved Africans financed the war for independence. The social construct of race has shaped the entire United States, however, New York engages in the narrative that its association with the North absolves the state from its involvement in the institution of slavery.

Spilled Milk

During the centuries-long genocide of African descendants in the Americas, torture was carried out with a benevolent attitude. Lactation was an entire industry that kept women in a physiological loop of despair, by having them nurse on demand for years, various children, while often leaving their own. The consequences of this treatment are still felt today by those of the Black experience. With the lowest numbers in breastfeeding participation is in the Black community, a change has to begin with reaching back and understanding the history of lactation in the USA.

A Cog in the Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is a perspective that allows an individual to find truth in an idea that has no factual basis. Arrogant rhetoric and shallow aggression fuels systemic oppression. Understanding the ideology of white nationalism empowers us to challenge the narrative and an amazing tool to do so is digital content. Utilizing this currency as an interactive experience creates an alternative way to create meaningful connections.


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