Mamas United Guidelines

Content discussed in the group MUST remain in the group.

Confidentiality allows individuals to be candid and gives credibility to their feelings. This allows the speaker to regain control over their experience and productively learn from their events. 

Use I phrases when speaking.

Remember this is about you and your experiences not how you are perceived or expected to engage. Participation isn't limited to dialogue, your purposeful presence reduces feelings of isolation and adds values to our communal gathering.  

Do not pass judgment

Practicing awareness of others helps us recognize the power behind our own thoughts and words. Maintaining eye contact, positive posture, and phones on vibrate and/or away are non-verbal forms of constructive reinforcement.


No Cross-Talking/Interrupting.

 We are here to support not validate any one's existence, this is a space of encouragement and acceptance. This is a space to release negative thoughts and habits and to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the community.  

Do not solicit unwarranted advice.

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. When an individual is speaking it is their opportunity to examine their feelings in relation to their experience. It is their moment to understand how their perspective has been shaped and formulate a solution that works for them. 


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